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Air delivery from the UK

Our company provides emergency air delivery of cargoes from the United Kingdom in 4-5 days, "on a turnkey basis" - including customs clearance.

Stages of air delivery from England in our company are the following:

- Cargo collection from the supplier (sender) and delivery to airport- freight - customs clearance in Ukraine-at the customer’s request - delivery to the door
We also carry out execution of supporting documents, fully undertaking this part of ​​work. What's more - we carry out this work for free!

Thus, we undertake absolutely ALL works on the delivery of cargoes, saving a lot of time of our customers.

Advantages of cargo delivery from United Kingdom by plane in our company:

Goods from the United Kingdom

Delivery of goods from the UK by air and sea transport.
The United Kingdom - is the largest country in Western Europe, the successor to the British Empire (which occupied during its heyday up to 22% of the land and unified a quarter of the Earth's population). The capital of Great Britain London is one of the world's major financial centers.

The economy of Great Britain is the second in Europe after Germany's economy. The country has developed a heavy, light, food, chemical industry, tourism sector make large contribution to the economy (London - is the most visited tourist city in the world) .Only the automotive and aviation industry makes the country an annual turnover of more than 80 mld. pounds.

Vehicles, ships, aircraft, helicopters and parts for the aviation industry, equipment, consumer electronics, furniture, household goods, souvenirs, shoes, clothes, food, and much more is exported from the country. UK carries out about 10% of world exports of services - financial, brokerage, consulting and IT services.

Delivery of goods from the UK by sea, air and road transport. Air delivery – is the fastest, safest and most reliable way of transportation of cargoes  from the country.

Do you need fast cargo transportation from the UK "on a turnkey basis", with a "white" documents in the shortest possible time?

Call us or leave an application, we will send you the cost calculation as soon as possible!