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Delivery from Austria

Our company provides air delivery of cargoes from Austria in 4-5 days (including customs clearance), all procedures are carried out by us "on a turnkey basis" with a minimal participation of the customer.

Advantages of cargo delivery from Austria by plane in our company:

Goods from Austria
Delivery from AustriaAustria – is one of the most economically developed countries in Europe, it is ranked ninth in the world in terms of per capita income. In 2012, Austrian’s export (with a population of just over 8 million. pers.) amounted for 226 mld.usd. The country's economy is characterized by low inflation (2.1% in 2013).

Mountains skiing tourism, engineering, chemical and electrical engineering industry, arms and artificial crystals production, textile and food industries are developed in Austria. The main importer of Austrian products is Germany. Germany is in the leader in terms of funds invested in the Austrian economy.

Austria exports goods of chemical and forest industries, different equipment.  Austrian firearms and cold arms (hunting, fighting, sport), and, of course, Swarovski crystals are appreciated in the world.

Basically, the delivery of cargoes from Austria all over the Europe is carried out by road or air transport. Delivery by road transport is cheaper but takes longer. Also customers often chose air delivery for the safety reasons.

Please contact our managers, in order to quickly receive cost calculation of cargo transportation from Austria.