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Delivery from Belgium

Wingo company carries out express air delivery of cargoes from Belgium. Delivery terms, including customs clearance constitute 4-5 days, while our specialists carried out all the works "from A to Z".

Advantages of cargo delivery from Belgium by plane in our company:

Products from Belgium
Delivery of cargoes from Belgium by air and road transportBelgium – is a highly developed industrial country, in Brussel, Belgium’s capital the main governmental institutions of the European Union are located.

Heavy and chemical industry, light industry forms the basis of the Belgian economy. Vehicles assembly, electrical and electronic industries are particularly developed in machine building. The country is the diamond processing center, the country is known for the production of natural and synthetic carpets, carpet coatings.

Such products as steel and non-ferrous metals, machinery, vehicles, plastic products, fertilizers, dyes, drugs, diamonds and jewelry, rugs and carpets, and others are mainly exported from Belgium,. Over 75% of Belgian export goes to EU countries.

Usually goods from Belgium are delivered by road and air transport, in non-CIS countries - by sea and by air. For quick transportation of cargoes, quick turnover cargoes, samples of products the air transport is used.

Do you need operative cargoes transportation from Belgium "on a turnkey basis"?

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