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Delivery of Azerbaijan

Wingo company carries out express air delivery of cargoes from Azerbaijan in 4-5 days (cargo customs clearance is included in the terms and in the price).

Advantages of cargo delivery from Azerbaijan by plane in our company:

Goods from Azerbaijan
Delivery of cargoes from Azerbaijan by air and road transportAzerbaijan – is a former Soviet republic on the Caspian Sea coast. It is a country with developed industry and agriculture. Gas and oil production, oil refining, chemical, machine building, light and food industries constitute the main contribution to the economy. The last decade and a half in this country there are the highest GDP growth rates among the CIS countries.

The main products supplied from Azerbaijan (excluding raw materials) – are mineral fertilizers, tires and other rubber products, tobacco, cotton and its products, silk, tea, alcoholic beverages and carpets.

Do you need the fastest and safe cargo transportation from Azerbaijan, at the same time you want to be minimally involved in the delivery process?

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