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Delivery of cargoes from Argentina

Wingo company provides express air delivery of cargoes from Argentina in just 4-5 days (including customs clearance).

Advantages of cargo delivery from Argentina by plane in our company:

Products from Argentina
Delivery of cargoes from Argentina by air and sea transportArgentina – is the second largest and third most populous country in South America. After the start of the active privatization in the 1990s, the economy began to develop rapidly. In Argentina, such industries as the automotive, aviation and shipbuilding, equipment production, well developed light and food industries are developed.

The main groups of products that are exported by Argentina - it is food, equipment for various industries, road and air transport, as well as products of light industry.

Delivery of cargoes from Argentina by sea and air. Cargo shipping is cheaper but it takes much longer. An air delivery of cargoes from Argentina - is the fastest and safest method of transportation, it is usually chosen for the transportation of valuable goods.

Do you need the safest cargo transportation from Argentina in days, at the same time you want to take a minimum participation in the delivery process?

Leave an application, and our managers will prepare for you favorable offer!