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Delivery of cargoes from Armenia

Wingo company carries emergency air delivery of cargoes from Armenia "on a turnkey basis", delivery time with customs clearance constitutes 4-5 days.

Advantages of cargo delivery from Armenia by plane in our company:

Products from Armenia
Delivery of cargoes from Armenia air and road transportArmenia – is a mountainous country in the North Caucasus, whose economy began to develop actively only in the mid 90-ies of the last century (after experiencing an earthquake in 1988 and the Karabakh War 1988-1994.). The basis of the Armenian economy is agriculture, engineering and metalworking, building materials production, chemical and jewelery industry (melting of gold, diamonds cutting, manufacture of jewelry).

The country exports jewelry (items of gold, diamonds and other jewelry), alcoholic beverage products, mineral fertilizers, silk, building stone (marble, basalt, travertine, etc.).

Delivery of cargoes from Armenia by rail, road and air transport. Since Armenia - is a mountainous country and many of its regions are difficult to access by land, delivery of cargoes by air from it is the most convenient method. Air delivery also saves time and provides maximum cargo safety, which is especially important when transporting high-value goods.

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