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Delivery of cargoes from Australia

Perhaps Australia – is the most distant from us, large, industrialized country. However, despite the distance of 15 000 km, Wingo company provides express air delivery of cargoes from Australia just in 4-5 days (including customs clearance)!

Advantages of cargo delivery from Australia by plane in our company:

Products from Australia
Доставка грузов из Австралии авиа- и морским транспортомCargo delivery from Australia by air and sea transport.  Australia – is a country with a remarkably developed economy, it is the agrarian, industrial and post-industrial development center. Australia ranks sixth place in the world in terms of GDP per capita. The country occupies the second place in the world for the possibilities for human development, in 2011 and 2014 4 Australian towns hit the top ten in the world on the rating «World's most liveable cities».

The rapid development of the Australian economy began in the early 20th due to higher prices for raw materials in large quantities exported by the country. By putting capital received from income article in a proper use,  Australia's economy has been diversified, successfully contributed to the development of heavy and light industry, agriculture.

Today in Australia, agriculture, chemical, electrical, metallurgical industries and automotive construction is highly developed. Main products exported from Australia - wool, food, clothing and footwear, raw materials and equipment for heavy / light industries, vehicles.

Delivery of cargoes from Australia by sea or by air. Transportation by sea takes more time, air delivery also allows you to receive the cargoes within days, while ensuring the maximum level of security.

Do you need quick and safe cargo transportation from Australia for up to 5 days, "on a turnkey basis"?

Leave an application, and our managers will prepare for you favorable offer!