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Delivery of cargoes from Brazil

Our company provides emergency air delivery of cargoes from Brazil in terms of up to 5 days, including customs clearance of cargo.

Advantages of cargo delivery from Brazil by plane in our company:

Products from Brazil
Delivery of cargoes from Brazil by air and sea transportBrazil is known worldwide not only as the birthplace of a strong national football team, but also as a country with a large export potential. Brazil – is the world's largest producer of agricultural products, products of heavy and light industry. Brazil exports coffee, cacao beans, orange juice, fabrics, footwear, electrical appliances (computers, etc.), Steel, airplanes, helicopters, cars, buses, and others.

The country's economy is developing rapidly, becoming the first largest in Latin America. In Brazil, a great dynamics in attracting foreign investments is observed, during the past few years large investments are attracted by even less economically developed north-western provinces of the country.

Usually, products from Brazil are delivered by sea and air transport. Delivery by sea is cheaper but takes much longer. At the same time, air delivery is much faster, as this type of transport provides the highest safety of cargo. Thus, the delivery of cargoes from Brazil often is carried out by air, especially when valuable cargoes are transported.

Wingo company delivers cargoes from Brazil with customs clearance in record time - 5 days. At the same time we undertake strict liabilities on terms.

If delivery time and maximum safety of the cargo is important for you, if you need “white” documents with VAT - use our services of cargo transportation by air from Brazil.

Call us or leave an application - we will calculate the delivery cost, taking into account your needs and interests as much as possible.