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  • More than 8 years on the market
  • More than 2000 customers
  • Import-export, 220 countries
  • Freight/Shipping "Turnkey"
  • Personal consultant
  • Individual approach to registration of documents

Delivery of cargoes from China

Our company is ready to offer you effective solutions for cargoes delivery from China:

  • Air delivery of cargoes "on a turnkey basis" or air freight.
  • FCL container shipping (to one recipient) and LCL (consolidated cargoes), "on a turnkey basis" or freight.
  • Supply of wholesale consignment of products from China "on a turnkey basis".
  • Additional services on import from China: foreign exchange transactions, the inspection of the supplier’s enterprise, products quality inspection before shipping, and many others.
We offer a personal consultant to each customer who selects the optimum configuration of the services on delivery, optimizes customer’s costs at all stages of preparing the supporting documentation in accordance with the customer’s business specific feature.

Owing to the presence of representative office in China, we provide the highest level of control of all processes in cargoes transportation.

Advantages of cargo delivery from China by plane in our company:

Advantages of container shipment of cargo from China in our company are the following:

Key benefits of cargo delivery from China by plane in our company:
  • Air delivery of cargoes from China in 5 days
  • Guaranteed terms of delivery, including customs clearance, - up to 5 days. Delivery of cargoes from China to Ukraine by air transport – is one of the key activities of our company. Great experience and lean business processes allow us to undertake the financial guarantees of terms of express air delivery of cargoes from China: we pay penalties for every day of delay, starting from the 6th day.
  • Selection of the optimal format and conditions of delivery (freight, delivery "on a turnkey basis").
  • Optimization of the customers’ cost of air cargo transportation from China at every stage (customs, tax optimization of costs).
  • When selecting the delivery "on a turnkey basis" - the full range of works is carried out: from the collection of cargo in any region of China to execution of documentation and delivery to the customer door. As a result, air delivery of cargo from China by our company "on a turnkey basis" needs minimal involvement of the customer.
  • Security Guarantee. Air cargo transportation reduces almost to zero the probability of insured events. The high level of air transportation reliability is ensured by the absence of unnecessary physical impact on the cargo and stringent security controls at airports. Thus, urgent delivery of cargoes from China - it is almost 100% guarantee of cargo safety.
  • Additional cargo packaging, if necessary. This will minimize the risk of damage during transportation.
  • Free sampling of cargo from the supplier in any of the regions of China.
  • The presence of local representative office in China, which allows us to control the process of cargo dispatch, verify product quality and provide other related services for foreign economic activities - all the necessary conditions for profitable and successful, fast  wholesale delivery of products from China.
  • Execution of supporting documents taking into account the characteristics of the customer's business.
  • Information support of cargo. From departure to arrival of the cargo the customer can obtain current information during the transportation and the actual arrival of cargo at the destination airport.
  • Cargo delivery to the warehouse or to the customer's door (delivery within Kiev is for free).

Features of container shipment of cargo from China in our company are the following:

  • Delivery of cargoes in containers of all types of vessels of leading operators.
  • Low cost of intercontinental cargoes delivery. Superiority of shipment from China among alternative types of freight transportations due to the virtually unlimited traffic capacity of sea routes, high-capacity of vessels and lower cost compared to other types of delivery. However, this delivery takes longer time.
  • The delivery time to the warehouse in Ukraine - from 45 days. Owing to the presence of representative office in China, we provide comprehensive conditions for the wholesale delivery of cargoes from China. Our company provides quality control and timely deliveries.
  • Compliance and cargo safety is ensured by the control of loading operations in China by our agents.  Container shipments from China carried out by Wingo company - is a safe, reliable way of product delivery.
  • Delivery from China by sea is carried out taking into account the optimal for the customer logistics schemes as much as possible.
  • Delivery tracking of consolidated and individual cargoes at all stages.
  • Rapid customs clearance by our specialists.
  • Possibility of delivery to the customer's address. On arrival at the port cargo can be delivered as to a warehouse, as well as to the address of the recipient.

For successful business it is very important to entrust the delivery of cargoes from China to a proven company. We are ready to become a reliable partner, providing operational cargo transportation from China for your business in the shortest time and at different terms. Our company will become your eyes and hands in China, solving all local issues. Personal adviser will undertake all efforts to optimize logistics, costs and documentary support for the delivery of cargoes!