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Delivery of cargoes from France

Wingo offers air delivery of cargoes from France "on a turnkey basis" and in short terms.

Due to geographical features, France has access to major transportation routes. Accordingly, the delivery of cargoes can be carried out by sea, air or road. Each option has its own advantages, which are suitable for various types of cargo. Air delivery of goods from France is the fastest option, as the transportation period is only 4-5 days, including customs clearance. Significant time savings is due to the presence of the company's own customs terminal, which is located in Boryspil. The company also offers services of freight and personal manager, who will take over the preparation of all documentation.

Advantages of cargo delivery from France by plane in our company:

Products from France

Delivery of cargoes from FranceFrench Republic – is a developed industrial and agricultural country, which is situated in the Western Europe. In the world France is one of the leading places on industrial production. Due to its favorable geographical location, the country has significant advantages in trade relations. In particular, the country has access to important trade routes. Delivery of cargoes by sea from France may be performed by Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea or the English Channel.

At the expense of the development of industry, mechanical engineering constitutes a significant share of the country's exports. This refers not only to the creation of vehicles and transport equipment and other machinery products. In addition, goods, food products, semi-finished products and others are among the export products of chemical origin.

If you need to deliver the goods from France or vice versa, it is just enough to make a request. Managers of our company in a short time will present an optimal cost calculation.