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Delivery of cargoes from Germany

If your time is an issue and you need to be sure in a maximum safety of cargo transportation from Germany, air transportation is the best solution. Our company provides emergency air delivery of cargoes from Germany "on a turnkey basis" up to 5 days.

Advantages of cargo delivery from Germany by plane in our company:

Products from Germany
Cargo delivery from Germany by air and road transportGermany - is the EU industrial center with the largest in Europe and fifth in the world economy. So, in 2013 the country's GDP was 3,636 bln. usd. According to the Human Development Index, the country is on the 5th place in the world. Heavy industry and mechanical engineering, chemical industry, pharmacy, light industry are highly developed In Germany. At the same time, the German economy is postindustrial, and industry accounts for less than 40% of the country's GDP, and 60% of GDP is created in the service sector.

Sign «Made in Germany» around the world is a symbol of the highest quality. German products are hi-tech, reliable and easy to use. The country is one of the world leaders in terms of products export.

The main exported products from Germany are the following: transport, ships, trains, equipment, products of chemical industry, household appliances, household goods, toys, medicines, clock and watch movements, sets for modeling, and much more.

Cargoes from Germany to the countries of Europe are usually delivered by road and air transport, to non-CIS countries - by sea and by air. Air transport ensures shortest delivery period, as well as the highest safety of cargo. Therefore, air delivery of cargoes from Germany is used to transport the valuable cargoes.

Do you need fast shipment, transportation of valuable cargoes from Germany? Our company is ready to make delivery at the shortest terms .For cost calculation, please submit your application or call by tel .: +38 (044) 594-73-33, +38 (050) 419-94-91