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Delivery of cargoes from Japan

Wingo company carries out air delivery of cargoes from Japan in just 4-5 days.
Consider that the guaranteed term also includes customs clearance of cargo at the same time we carry out customs clearance for free!

Advantages of cargo delivery from Japan by plane in our company:

Goods from Japan

Delivery of cargoes from Japan by air and sea transportJapan, having a relatively small area, occupies the world's third place in terms of GDP volume. Also, the country is the world's fourth largest exporter. The capital of Japan, Tokyo – is the largest financial center in the world. So, for example, the Tokyo Stock Exchange – is the second largest in the world.

Japanese companies have the largest production capacity, producing all kinds of vehicles, consumer (smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc.) and household appliances, equipment, machinery, chemicals, clothing, food, and more. At the same time the service sector in the country brings about 75% of GDP.

The world-famous Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Sony, Nikon, and many others are among the Japanese industrial companies.
Hard work, perseverance and perfectionism are some of the Japanese national traits. Because of this, Japanese products offer unparalleled quality, ease of use and highest reliability.

Cargo delivered from Japan by sea and by air. Sea transport can deliver goods at lower prices, but the delivery time is a few weeks. Air transport also makes it possible to deliver the goods as quickly as possible (within 4-5 days - in our company), as this type of transport is the most reliable and secure.

If you need safe delivery of cargo from Japan "on a turnkey basis", within 5 days from the execution of white documents - please contact our managers, and we will quickly prepare an offer for you.