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Delivery of cargoes from Malaysia

Our company carries out air delivery of cargoes from Malaysia as soon as possible - for 4-5 days (customs clearance).

Advantages of cargo delivery from Malaysia by plane in our company:

Goods from Malaysia

Delivery of cargoes from Malaysia by air and sea transportMalaysia – is one of the most economically developed countries in Oceania, its economy occupies the 29th place in the world. Owing to foreign investment over the past 30-40 years the country from a raw material appendage has become a major exporter of electronics, food, and tourism center.

At present, the country is the world's first exporter of electronic chips and household air conditioners. Malaysia exports electrical and computer accessories, natural rubber, palm oil, oil. Proton brand automobiles are manufactured for the domestic market. An ambitious governing body of the country at the beginning of 2000's, started to develop the aerospace industry, MIC is developing for the defense purposes.

In Malaysia, the banking system is developed, banking (Islamic banking) is also exported to neighboring Muslim countries.

In Malaysia the tourism is rapidly developing, by the attendance, this country is on the 9th place.

Typically, delivery of cargoes from Malaysia is carried by sea or by air. Delivery by sea is cheaper, but can not boast by the speed and maximum safety. At the same time, air delivery ensures the terms in days and full security of cargo due to increased security at the airport.

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