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Delivery of cargoes from Thailand

Do you need fast and maximum safe transportation of cargoes from Thailand, "on a turnkey basis"?
Our company arranges air delivery in just 4-5 days, including custom clearance.

Advantages of cargo delivery from Thailand by plane in our company:

Goods from Thailand

Delivery of cargoes from Thailand by air and sea transportThailand – is an industrial and agricultural country in the Far East. The country is of interest for the world economy,  first and foremost, as a major exporter of electronics and accessories for computer equipment, jewelry, products of oil industry, furniture, as well as its vehicles assembly capacity. The textile and food industries are developed in Thailand. Also, the country is one of the world's leading suppliers of rice, fruit, natural rubber (first in the world), and jute. And, of course, the tourism plays the major role in the economy.

Exports of Thailand in 2013 accounted for 128 mld.usd.

Mainly computers and related accessories, hard drives, electrical appliances, plastic and rubber products, food products, furniture is imported from Thailand into the Ukraine.

Typically, air transport is used for the delivery of cargoes from Thailand, because, first of all, you can receive goods in limited time, and secondly – the security of cargo will be provided. Also the delivery of goods from the country is carried out in containers by sea. In most cases, the delivery is from Bangkok, Thailand's capital, but also from other industrial regions of the country.

In order to find out the cost of transportation from Thailand, please make a request through the form or by telephone. We will send you an offer as soon as possible.