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Delivery of cargoes from the United Arab Emirates

Delivery of cargoes from the UAE by air and sea transportFor the last few years, our company develops unconventional delivery directions. Thus, among the requested directions by our customers the delivery from UAE is often of interest. Indeed, this state can be safely attributed to unusual places for orders from Ukraine.

Delivery of cargoes from the UAE in our company is the following:

  • Delivery terms by air including customs clearance - 4-5 days
  • Rigid safeguards of terms
  • Customs clearance and courier services in the UAE – for free
  • Tariff for air freight - from 6 USD / kg
  • Delivery terms by sea - 45-60 days
Advantages of cargo delivery from UAE by plane in our company:

Advantages of air delivery of cargoes from the United Arab Emirates in our company are the following:

In order to carry out the delivery of cargoes you should adhere to the following requirements.

In the UAE, you are required personally deliver the cargoes to our warehouse. You just leave the address to which you want to pick it up, and then we will deliver it to the warehouse. Our warehouse is located directly in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, the largest city in the country.

After we receive the invoice and all the issues regarding the packaging of your product will be resolved, parcel is dispatched to Ukraine.

Delivery of goods from the United Arab Emirates is carried out more frequently by air, since it is the most convenient and easy way to deliver the cargoes. But we also can send the cargoes by sea at your request.