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Delivery of goods from Canada

Delivery of cargoes from Canadian by air and sea transportPopular destinations, which often appear in the requests of our customers - is the delivery of goods from Canada. Most often they are interested in the ability to deliver medicines and medical equipment, musical items, such as disks or tools, personal items and, of course, technical equipment.

Owing to the adjusted supplies, the delivery of cargoes from Canada in our company is carried out on such favorable terms as:

  • The delivery terms, taking into account the customs clearance of cargo - up to 5 days
  • Conduct of all works "on a turnkey basis"
  • Free execution of documents and courier services in Canada
  • Freight costs from 6 USD per kg

For your convenience, our representative collects the goods from indicated address, and brings it to the company's warehouses. Once the package of documents is executed the direct delivery of goods from Canada is carried out.

You need to resolve all issues regarding the order package, as well as to provide an invoice before our representative will take your items, so as to the order has been delivered to you without any incidents.

Once your goods is delivered to Ukraine, the customs clearance procedure will firstly be carried out, and only then the goods are handed over to our warehouse, then you can pick it up.

Wingo company can offer you a choice of air transportation or sea container shipping from Canada.

Delivery terms

Air delivery - 4-5 days.
Shipment of cargoes by sea - 20-25 days.