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Delivery of goods from Israel

Delivery of cargoes from Israeli by air and sea transport«Wingo» company operates in many countries, Israel is one of such countries. A variety of products, including clothing, accessories, and personal property - all this can be quickly delivered from Israel to Ukraine, by using «Wingo» company's services.

Delivery of cargoes from Israel is carries out in the following ways:
- Air delivery
- Goods shipment

Advantages of cargo delivery from Israel by plane in our company:

Delivery is made "on a turnkey basis", and courier services in Israel and our customs brokerage services – are free of charge!

Especially for the convenience of our customers, the principle of work in Israel is thought out so that you do not need to import the goods to our warehouse - our courier will take it for free. For this during the order execution, you just need to specify the exact address of where you need to pick the item up.

Cargo transportation from Israel is carried out in the following way: before dispatching goods to Ukraine you need to provide an invoice and packing list. After agreeing on all issues relating to the packaging of the goods and the method of delivery, the goods are sent to Ukraine.

Delivery from Israel with «Wingo» company will save you from the headache caused by documents execution, idling in queues, and so on. Your order will be delivered and handed over to you after customs clearance.

Delivery terms:

Delivery of goods from Israel takes - 4-5 days (air delivery).