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Delivery of goods from the United States

Delivery of goods from the US by air and sea transportAny business that goes into growth and expands its area of activity, faces with the need to import goods from around the world, including from the United States. First of all delivery of goods from the US may be applied to products that are produced or sold in that country at prices much lower than in other regions of the world. You might ask "How can this be?" -. Let us explain: it is no secret that some manufacturers of electronic gadgets, computers, cars and branded clothes are deliberately trying to reduce their margins and set the "special" price for this market, thus stimulating sales on it. Therefore, part of the product, contrary to logic, is in the United States cheaper than in the CIS, and the delivery of goods from the United States could become a profitable business. Taking it into consideration, Wingo company meets the wishes of Ukrainian importers and provides such services as "delivery from US to Ukraine."

Advantages of cargo delivery from USA by plane in our company:

Delivery of cargoes by sea from the United States

Delivery of cargoes by sea from the United StatesCargoes air transportations from the US are the most popular with our customers, when the goods are delivered to the warehouses of our company in Kiev for only 4-5 days. Shipping from the United States are not less popular - they are chosen by clients who are interested in moving large volumes of goods.

Delivery of cargoes is carried by sea on the route United States -Europe-Ukraine (in our country the cargo is delivered by the vehicle). In this case, the period of delivery of goods is being increased to 45-60 days.

But, in any case, due to Wingo’s adjusted relations with Western partners the delivery from the US is carried out as quickly as possible, with the guarantee of total safety of cargoes. At the same time every day, you can track where your cargo is - this is followed by the manager, the head of this area.

Therefore, the delivery of cargoes from the United States by cooperating with Wingo company - it is always fast, convenient and profitable.

The delivery terms of cargoes from the US to Ukraine are as follows: