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Express delivery of cargoes from Italy

Our company carries out express air delivery of cargoes from Italy in terms of up to 5 days, "on a turnkey basis" - including customs clearance.

Air delivery – is not only the fastest but also the safest way to transport goods, so air delivery is often used for the transport of valuable cargo.

Advantages of cargo delivery from Italy by plane in our company:

Products from Italy

Cargo delivery from Italy by air and sea transportItaly - is a developed industrial and agricultural country, setting the fashion in the design world, and owing a rich cultural heritage, so that attracts millions of tourists every year.

One of the largest in Europe, Italy's GDP is provided by engineering, metallurgy, chemical, light and food industry and, of course, services. The economy of the country is developed unevenly, there is a great disparity between the North of the country with a high concentration of production, development of services, the higher welfare of inhabitants and poorer agricultural south.

The main industrial center of Italy are: Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, on the south of the shipbuilding is developed in Naples, Taranto, Messina, Palermo, Milan, Mantle, Ravenna, Ferrara, Priolo, Gela, Naples, Cagliari, Porto Torres, Lombardy, Piedmont, and others.

Basically, such product categories are delivered from Italy as follows: cars, buses, motorcycles and mopeds, trams and trolley buses, automotive, ships, industrial equipment, bicycles, agricultural machinery, large and small household appliances, plastic and rubber products, clothing and footwear, food, art products, cosmetics, jewelry, and much more.

The transportation from Italy across Europe is performed by road, by air and by sea, in the CIS countries - by sea and by air. Air delivery of goods from Italy allows transporting goods in the shortest possible terms and ensures maximum safety.

Do you need a quick delivery of goods from Italy "on a turnkey basis", with fast qualified customs clearance? Or, on the contrary, you need to deliver the goods to this sunny country?

Call us or make a request, and we will promptly provide you the cost calculation!