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Express air delivery of cargoes

Delivery of cargoes from 230 countries in 5 days
Express air delivery in Wingo - is the delivery of cargoes to / from 230 countries in just 5 days + real financial guarantees.
Customs clearance of cargos - for 1 day.

Our company carries out transportation of cargoes ( "on a turnkey basis" or freight) from anywhere and at any corner of the world in terms of up to 5 days, including customs clearance. We provide official documentation on cargoes and thus help you to minimize the risks on the stages of suppliers’ verification, product procurement, and clearance of exit customs, delivery and customs clearance.

Key benefits of cargo delivery by plane in our company:

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When ordering air delivery of cargo we guarantee:
  • Delivery time up to 5 days. Optimized business processes allow us to provide firm guarantees on terms of cargo air delivery up to 5 days (including customs clearance). We guarantee in written form a penalty of 1% per day of delay.
  • Excellent value for the timing and the cost of air delivery and accessibility of services.
  • Excellent correlation between the timing and the cost of air delivery and accessibility of services.
  • Delivery "on a turnkey basis" (with minimal involvement of the customer) or freight.
  • Cargo transportation in any direction. We provide global import and export air cargo transportation - the geography of our services includes 220 countries of the world.
  • Delivery to the warehouse or to the door (free delivery in Kiev).
  • Personal approach. For us, every customer is unique, so we provide a personal adviser to each customer. His responsibilities include the selection of optimal conditions for air cargo transportation, customer’s cost savings on all stages and documentation preparation, taking into account the specifics of its business.
  • Qualified execution of supporting documentation of any complexity.
  • The maximum level of security of transportation. Delivery of cargo by air and logistics at airports is characterized by maximum safety.
  • Free sampling of cargo in the country of origin.
  • Cargo insurance.
Fast air delivery of cargoes in our company - it's predictable delivery times of products, a factor of accelerated turnover of goods, rapid expansion of the range, competitors advancing in the supply of new products, guarantee of full compliance with the documentation requirements of the fiscal authorities, so - it is an essential component of a successful business!

Air cargo transportation with Wingo - it's also affordable rates, the maximum cargo security and considerable economy of your time thanks to the comprehensive services!