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Importer and agent services

Organization of export / import of goods
We are ready to provide you with a comprehensive solution for single or regular delivery of goods to Ukraine / abroad.

Our company provides professional assistance in the organization of direct deliveries of products from China and other countries.

In particular, we provide:

  • International sea, air, road or combined transportations;
  • Allocation of cargo in a warehouse;
  • Supplies "on a turnkey basis" - from the signing of the foreign economic agreement and the purchase of goods for the delivery to your address;
  • Processing of customs documents, be it small or wholesale delivery from China or other countries;
  • Support of export shipments.

Specialist services include not only the negotiation and signing of the external economic contract. This also applies to the transportation of cargo, control at all stages of transportation and foreign trade transactions. Successful business with China or other countries in the world is based on the successful cooperation with a partner.

The presence of a qualified assistant will provide several significant advantages, including:

  • Facilitating procedures for completion of the transportation from abroad or overseas
  • The minimum requirement to delve into the details of the implementation of foreign economic activities
  • Minimization of participation in negotiations with representatives of the customs and regulatory authorities
  • Execution of documents in the shortest possible time
  • Delivery of products at optimal conditions

Our company offers a comprehensive solution of all issues on the implementation of ad hoc or regular delivery of goods in Ukraine and abroad. Well-run system is capable of making wholesale deliveries from China or other countries in the world as simple as possible for each customer. Herewith we define the conditions individually with the customer and calculate the value of each foreign economic transaction.


Also, our company guarantees the following:

  • The steady adherence to the agreements with our customer
  • Negotiations with the customs authorities and foreign partners
  • The preparation of shipping documents package required for the export, import and transportation of cargoes to the country of destination
  • Delivery of cargoes on the model "airport-airport" or "address-to-address"
  • Comprehensive support for the transactions of foreign economic activities,
  • Payment of the required customs duties and taxes
  • Cargo escorting and reporting on the implementation of transportation through all the way to your destination place
  • Customs brokerage services in Ukraine
  • If necessary – cargo checkup on the compliance with transportation documents
  • FEA outsourcing
  • Goods allocation on the warehouse

By using our services, you completely get rid of possible problems at cargo transportation, execution of documents, customs clearance, and enlist the operating help of our specialists in emergency situations.