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International cargo motor delivery

International cargoes delivery by road
We provide a range of professional services for motor cargo transportation (including - as part of multimodal transportations). Regions of reports are Ukraine, Europe, Asia and the CIS.

Advantages of cargo transportation in our company:

Cargos transported by our company:
  • Consolidated cargo of 1 pallet
  • ADR cargoes of 1-9 class
  • liquid and bulked cargoes
  • out of gauge cargoes
  • high capacity cargoes
  • heavy load cargoes

Means of transport used by our company:

  • Cargo covers
  • couplers (86-120 m3)
  • refrigerator semi-trailer
  • out of gauge trawl
  • tankers
  • grain-carriers

Advantages of motor transportations:

  • Availability and speed. Motor transportation - is a relatively cheap and quick way of intracontinental cargoes transportation. For example, delivery of cargoes from Europe and from the CIS countries, in most cases is carried out by road.
  • Versatility. The use of cars enables to transport practically any type of cargo. International motor transportation allows cargoes movement at the weight from several tens / hundreds of kilograms up to
  • Selecting the most appropriate time for loading and unloading. Unlike other kinds of transportation vehicles have no running timetable. Due to this transportation, loading and unloading of cargo can be carried out in the most convenient time for the owner of the cargo.
  • Mobility. The road network is very well developed, so you can deliver the goods to any location on the maximum short way. Due to the flexibility of vehicles, the route can be easily changed - to maximum minimize transportation time or in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Highly reliable transportation. The minimum amount of warehouse procedures and almost complete absence of the need for reloading of goods enables to reduce the possibility of damage to a minimum.
  • 100% control of the route passing and condition of the cargo. Owing to modern means of communication, you can track the location of the vehicle in real time. The client has the opportunity to receive reliable and current information on where the cargo is located when it is shipped, as well as when the dispatch and handing over is carried out.
  • Fixed precision of transportation terms. Deviations from the terms of delivery by road are minimal. Cargo transportations are characterized by a lack of extra loading and unloading procedures. Thus, the terms and cost of transportation is reduced.
  • The transportation of small consignments may be the part of consolidated cargo. Sufficiently high intensity of flights makes tariffs on motor cargo transportation more accessible for entrepreneurs.
  • The ability to transport to different distances – whether those are hundreds or thousands of kilometers. 
In our work we use advanced logistics technologies of motor forwarding. Professionalism, excellent reputation and the quality of our services are time-tested and confirmed by positive customer comments.

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