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International delivery of goods, "on a turnkey basis" / Freight

Our company delivers goods from China, Poland and other EU countries on favorable terms:


Freight: From US $ 3.3 / kg, delivery time 5-7 days.
"On a turnkey basis": From US $ 6.5 / kg, delivery time 7-9 days.


Freight: From $ 0.15 / kg, delivery time 2-3 days.
"On a turnkey basis": From US $ 1.5 / kg, delivery time 3-5 days.

Other EU countries

Freight: From $ 0.25 / kg, delivery time is 7-10 days.
"On a turnkey basis": From US $ 1.5 / kg, delivery time 10-12 days.

Our advantages are as follows:

Own express terminal WELT EXPRESS in Kiev (Borispol)

Thanks to its own express terminal WELT EXPRESS we have significantly reduced the time of cargo handling at Boryspil airport (cargo from the airport immediately goes to our terminal for customs procedures). Thus, our customers avoid the risk of unexpected delays due to the standard of inspection of cargo at customs, as well as are exempt from need to pay the terminal fee for delivery, demurrage and storage of goods.
All of this allows us to reduce the time of cargo transportation in general, as well as to give a solid financial guarantee of delivery time "on a turnkey basis".

Warehouses in China and Poland

Own warehouses in Poland and China enable us to consolidate as quickly as possible and dispatch goods from these countries and other regions of Europe, control the process at all stages of transportation. And also check the quality of products at the request, provide a range of related services (foreign currency exchange operations in China, and others.).

Financial guarantee of delivery times

Благодаря собственной инфраструктуре и оптимизированным бизнес-процессам мы осуществляем грузоперевозки точно в срок. Мы берем на себя договорные финансовые обязательства по срокам доставки и готовы выплачивать штраф за каждый день просрочки.

Personal manager

We offer a personal manager to each customer who support the customer at all stages of delivery. Personal manager helps to choose the optimum conditions of cargo transportation, provides the execution of documents, taking into account the business needs and requirements of fiscal services as much as possible, and provides complete information support. In addition, the presence of a personal manager denies the need to have multiple contacts in transportation, which significantly saves time, financial resources, and sometimes nerves of the client.

In our company, cargo delivery "on a turnkey basis", accompanied by a personal manager is the optimal solution for medium-sized business, which needs regular cargo transportations without logisticians and customs brokers.

Free customs brokerage services at our express terminal WELT EXPRESS
For cargo transportation customers on the conditions "on a turnkey basis" / freight service of customs broker are free of charge.

Our Express terminal WELT EXPRESS is located at the following address:
Borispol, st. Brovary 1A

For advice please contact our specialists:
+38 (044) 594-56-66