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Sea and air freight

Our company provides services of air and sea freight (export and import transportation virtually to any/from any point of the world). We have individual approach to each client, selecting the optimal delivery terms.


Airfreight - is the fastest way of cargo delivery. In our company you can count on consulting support "from A to Z" and guaranteed delivery dates. Benefits of ordering airfreight services in our company are as follows:
  • Shipping to / from 220 countries of the world
  • Delivery time - 3-4 days
  • Personal manager
  • Quick counting of cost
  • Individual approach to the choice of delivery terms
  • Preparation of official documentation
  • Cargo insurance
  • Additional cargo packing (if necessary)
  • Information support (to-date information on cargo whereabouts)
Airfreight in our company is optimal solution for companies that have their own logistics specialist on the staff and customs brokers and there is no need to order the delivery on a "turnkey basis".

Sea freight

Our company also provides sea freight services on the best terms. Transportation by seagoing vessels is the most cost-effective type of transfer for both main and consolidated loads over long distances. Sea freight is the slowest, but always popular and safest delivery method. The cost of sea freight depends on several important factors:
  • Type of cargo
  • Delivery method (FCL or LCL)
  • Container type and size 
  • Tariff zone
  • Availability of additional services
  • Other factors
  • Special aspects of sea freight in our company:
  • Personal manager
  • Delivery time - 45 days
  • Control of loading operations
  • Official documentation
  • Customer costs optimizing
Counting the cost of sea freight is performed on an individual basis. By contacting our company, you are guaranteed to receive an offer with favorable conditions!