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Supplies from China

Search for and order of goods in China by Wingo representative
We will help you to search, order, conduct quality control, and direct delivery of goods from China on favorable terms.
We understand that the product search and purchase in China is a challenge. Our company will help you to search, order, conduct quality control, and direct delivery from China.

We offer search and ordering procedure of goods from China on a staged basis, which is provided by our company:

Step No.1.

So as to order goods from China, it is necessary to make a request for the search of manufacturers in China. This can be done in any convenient way for you: by phone, send a request to e-mail or through the form of services cost calculation.

For maximum efficiency at the search for goods, we need to know as much information about the ordered products as possible, namely, links to websites, photos, figures, specifications, materials, from which the goods are made up.

We will immediately contact you, clarify the details and prepare a proposal in the course of 3-7 days.

The proposal will contain  the following:
  • Company name in China
  • Contact persons, web-site, e-mail, address, phone, fax
  • General characteristics of Chinese enterprises
  • Production time
  • Availability of product certificates
  • Packaging
  • Minimum consignment
  • Price
  • Shipping time, payment methods, delivery terms

Step No. 2.

Obtaining samples of the ordered goods.

When your order is created, it will be immediately submitted to the processing. The presence of the representative office of our company in China will allow us to search for and order samples of goods you are interested in from different manufacturers. After checking the quality of the samples, they will be dispatched to you. So you will be able to assess the quality and choose the most suitable option. The cost of samples delivery is calculated in a particular case and depends on the amount of parameters, points of dispatch and receipt. More details will be provided by our managers.         

Step No. 3.

Signing an agreement for the supply of goods.

In order to maximum simplify the delivery of the goods you have selected, our company offers the following services:

  • Company’s agent in China checks all agreed nuances in the agreement. These include: goods quantity, specifications, price, all export documentation and approval.
  • Preparation of goods for dispatch by chosen method of delivery. Transportation is carried out by plane or ship. Transit time and cost is previously agreed.
  • We work with MBL / HBL bills of landing, which provides a high level of safety during transportation.
  • At all stages of the cargo tracking, you can obtain information about its status.
  • Delivery of goods takes place in the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement.
  • This product and all related documentation are delivered to your warehouse in Ukraine.

By cooperating with our company you can find a reliable supplier of products directly from China, as well as receive a wide range of other services for foreign economic activities.