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Search for the supplier and delivery of products from India, on a turnkey basis

Search for the supplier and delivery of products from India, on a turnkey basis
Our company offers a new service on the Ukrainian market – search for the supplier and products delivery from India "on a turnkey basis".
Why Indian industry is of great interest to the Ukrainian importers?

Today the lion's share of the Ukrainian imports constitute manufactured goods from China. However, more and more entrepreneurs are dissatisfied with the ratio of "price / quality" of Chinese goods and conclude contracts with producers from other countries. The leading position in this list is India, as in many commodity groups Indian goods at slightly higher cost are more qualitative compared with the Chinese. Those Indian products in the global market took a "middle ground" in the ratio of "price / quality" in such product categories as:
  • plastic products;
  • machine tools and industrial equipment;
  • fabrics and dyes for fabrics;
  • cotton clothes;
  • metal products;
  • chemicals;
  • fertilizer;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • spare parts for machines and aggregates (compressors, pumps, etc.).
An important factor, which facilitates collaboration with Indian manufacturers - fluency in English by Indians, because in India it has the status of a second official.

Finally, importers pointed out that, in collaboration with Indian partners less often (than in the case with the Chinese) they are faced with cases of counterfeiting, fraud, errors in nomenclature, etc. This is due to differences in the culture of China and India. If China - a communist country which was for decades under the cultural influence of the USSR, India - a former British colony with a more responsible attitude to work and non-practice of theft / fraud in the workplace.

Manufacturing and Industry of India

The Republic of India is the seventh-largest country. The country has a developed industry and trade relations, its economy is heavily integrated with the world. Heavy industry, oil industry, machine building, chemical and light industry is developed in India. In terms of steel production, India takes one of the leading places in the world. Mechanical engineering is developed in the mill (Tata Corporation and others). Easy Indian industry also occupies an important place in the economy. Textile constitutes about 25% of exports. In the production of cotton fabrics and items of harness India is one of the leading countries of the world. Textile factories are located in all major cities of the country. Also, India is the world's largest supplier of rice, essential oils, tea, spices, precious stones and metals.
Today, India's main trading partners are the United States, the European Union, the United Arab Emirates and China. The favorable economic environment and prospects make India an attractive investment for infusion.
Stages of services' provision on “search for the supplier and the delivery of products from India “on a turnkey basis” in our company

Step one. Selection and analysis of the manufacturers.

The selection and analysis of manufacturers present in the country is the first step in search for the supplier. Actually, to order a search for the supplier, one should make a request. It is necessary to specify the type and specification of the goods, which is planned to be imported. The effectiveness of the search for the supplier will be significantly higher, if in the request as much product information as possible is specified. The request can be made in any convenient way for you: by e-mail, by phone or through the form available on the website.
The application will be processed by experts in the near future and you will be contacted for further details. Preparation of proposals takes 3 to 7 days.
Absolutely all the details that are considered important to the delivery of the goods are taken into account in the proposal:
  • name of the company in India, which manufactures needed product;
  • general information about the company and contact person (phone number, e-mail, fax, website)
  • checkup and provision of all product certificates, which is manufactured by the entrepreneur;
  • manufacture time and volumes of minimum consignment of goods;
  • characteristics of goods packaging;
  • the cost and payment options.

    Step Two. Trial consignment of goods.

    Before adjusting the supply of products from India, samples of products from several different vendors are delivered to the customer. Previously, all samples pass quality control and compliance with all standards. Samples delivery allows the customer to assess the quality and consistency of product performance. Depending on the choice of a particular variant operational calculation of the value of goods imports from India is carried out. Consignment volume and other parameters are also important in the formation of the price that can be specified by our managers.

    The third step. The signing of the contract for the supply of goods from India.

    At this stage, we try to optimize the process of preparing and dispatch of the goods.

    The scope of works includes:
    • The company's specialists in India, check the quality of the consignment, its quantity and conduct coordination of all details in accordance with the agreement. This includes the preparation of export documentation and all necessary permits.
    • The products are packed in accordance with the agreed rules. Further, the consignment is prepared to be dispatched by selected shipping method by the customer: by plane or ship.
    • When the cargo is in transit, the customer can at any time find out its status.
    • Our company works with MBL / HBL bills of landing. This ensures a high level of safety during transportation.
    • Delivery occurs within the time specified in the agreement.
    • Upon arrival of the consignment, it is delivered to the warehouse of the customer along with all supporting documentation.
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