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Our advantages
  • More than 8 years on the market
  • More than 2000 customers
  • Import-export, 220 countries
  • Freight/Shipping "Turnkey"
  • Personal consultant
  • Individual approach to registration of documents
Delivery of cargoes from 230 countries in 5 days
Express air delivery of cargoes
Express air delivery in Wingo - is the delivery of cargoes to / from 230 countries in just 5 days + real financial guarantees.
Customs clearance of cargos - for 1 day.
A full range of services for container shipping
Container cargo shipping
Our company provides services of goods delivery by sea "on a turnkey basis" or freight. We transport full containers (FCL, one recipient) and consolidated cargo of 500 kg and the volume of 1 m. Cu. (LCL, multiple recipients).
International cargoes delivery by road
International cargo motor delivery
We provide a range of professional services for motor cargo transportation (including - as part of multimodal transportations). Regions of reports are Ukraine, Europe, Asia and the CIS.
Search for and order of goods in China by Wingo representative
Search for and order of goods in China
We will help you to search, order, conduct quality control, and direct delivery of goods from China on favorable terms.
Full range of services on cargo customs clearance
Cargo customs clearance
Our highly skilled specialists custom cargo clearance quickly and at competitive rates.

International cargo transportation and related services

Our company provides professional services in the sphere of international cargo transportation for more than 6 years. During this time we have gained a lot of experience that allows us to carry out delivery of cargoes from most countries in the world in record time and at competitive prices.

Each client and its business is unique for us. We offer personal adviser to all clients that allows us to find truly customized solutions on export and import operations, cargo transportation and their documentary execution. We optimize customer's costs at every stage and provide the documents maximum relevant to the requirements of fiscal authorities.

The main activities of our company

  • Express-air shipment - is the fastest way of cargo transportation over long distances. We deliver cargo from anywhere in the world (from more than 220 countries) from house to house in up to 5 days (taking into account customs clearance).
  • Container cargo transportation (cargo shipping) - is the most economical way to transport large cargoes over long distances.
  • International motor delivery - is the cheapest of cargo transportation within the continents, as well as an integral component of multi-modal cargo transportation.
We provide a wide range of services on the support of foreign economic activity of clients (import and export operations): search for suppliers in China, assistance in the conclusion of contracts, documentary execution of shipments, currency operations, quality control and batching of products, customs clearance, execution of approval and customs documentation. As well as we provide consulting services on any issued related to export and import operations.

International cargo transportation is the complex process involving many stages. We offer full range of cargo deliveries, managing all the aspects from choosing a deliverer and ending with the delivery of cargo to the house and preparation of full package of documents. At the same time, our services are flexible and we provide individual combination of services according to the customer's needs.

FEA support services

  • Agent's services on search of the supplier and products purchase - is the reliable and convenient way to organize the delivery of goods you are interested in from China to Ukraine. You clearly define the quality, quantity, price range and other product characteristics, and employees of our representative office in China will search for supplier and products purchase "on a turnkey basis".
  • Importer and agent services include the organization of full range of goods import for your company. Being highly qualified international carrier, our company will provide one-time or regular cargo delivery to Ukraine (or beyond) with optimum cost of transportation services, customs brokerage services and international delivery of cargo.
  • FEA consulting is a service that helps you to find the problematic point of foreign economic activity of the customer and improve its effectiveness.

Our advantages

  • Experience in the international shipping market of more than 6 years
  • More than 2000 customers
  • Real financial guarantees of cargo delivery terms
  • Assigning personal advisor to each customer
  • Individual approach to documentation execution
  • Express air delivery terms - up to 5 days (taking into account customs clearance), with complimentary collection of cargo from the warehouse of the supplier and delivery across Kiev
  • Optimal conditions of container cargo shipment; transportation of individual and combined cargoes in containers of all types, control of cargo loading by our representatives in China
  • Optimal conditions of motor transportation of cargo from Europe, Asia and the CIS with fixing the cost of the services at the time of cargo dispatch
  • Own representative office in China
  • Delivery of cargoes on a turnkey basis, by house-to house service or freight in the shortest possible term
We are an international transport company of Ukraine with its own representative office in China. Office in China allows us to maximum optimize the transportation of cargoes, improve the quality of transport services and documentary operations, monitor the integrity of the cargo. Control of international delivery of cargoes at all stages allows us to minimize all possible risks.

Start cooperation with us today, and find out that the international transportations of cargoes with Wingo offer:
Individual approach to each customer
  • Excellent correlation between delivery terms, tariffs and service quality on the market
  • Promptness of delivery in due dates
  • Maximum careful transportation of goods
  • Customs clearance and settlement of all related issues with supporting documentation
  • Professional consultation in the field of international cargo delivery
Our transport company carrying out international cargo transportation, delivery of goods and providing consulting services, guarantees you the following:

  • Optimal logistic solutions and conditions for the provision of transport services
  • Optimal conditions for the goods delivery on a turnkey basis
  • Timely international delivery and customs clearance of cargoes
  • Individual approach to customers, documentation execution according to the requirements of their business
Being an international carrier, our company is ready to resolve any issues related to the supply, delivery, customs clearance and execution of import/export operations.

Contact us for a free qualified advice:
+38 (044) 594-73-33
+38 (067) 249-31-54