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About Us
Our advantages
  • More than 8 years on the market
  • More than 2000 customers
  • Import-export, 220 countries
  • Freight/Shipping "Turnkey"
  • Personal consultant
  • Individual approach to registration of documents


Working with our company, you can provide the following services:

Delivery of cargoes from 230 countries in 5 days
Express air delivery of cargoes
Express air delivery in Wingo - is the delivery of cargoes to / from 230 countries in just 5 days + real financial guarantees.
Customs clearance of cargos - for 1 day.
A full range of services for container shipping
Container cargo shipping
Our company provides services of goods delivery by sea "on a turnkey basis" or freight. We transport full containers (FCL, one recipient) and consolidated cargo of 500 kg and the volume of 1 m. Cu. (LCL, multiple recipients).
International cargoes delivery by road
International cargo motor delivery
We provide a range of professional services for motor cargo transportation (including - as part of multimodal transportations). Regions of reports are Ukraine, Europe, Asia and the CIS.
Search for and order of goods in China by Wingo representative
Search for and order of goods in China
We will help you to search, order, conduct quality control, and direct delivery of goods from China on favorable terms.
Full range of services on cargo customs clearance
Cargo customs clearance
Our highly skilled specialists custom cargo clearance quickly and at competitive rates.